Clutter Clearing Company

In 2015  I set up the Clutter Clearing Company, after training with Karen Kingston , a leader in this field.
Having spent a number of years organising our possesions as we constantly change the space we live in, and having grown up in a cluttered environment, I have come to understand how freeing, and calmer it is to live in a clearer, less cluttered space.
I now offer a number of services, tailored to suit each individuals needs.
Please give me a call if you would like a free, no-obligation chat about your circumstances.


clutter clearing

I will never tell you to throw anything away, and belive me, I will almost certainly have seen much more challenging spaces than you can possibly present me with!
As we work together, you will be empowered to let these things go with joy!



I have been renovating, staging and preparing properties for work and for sale for the last 20 years.
I can cast an objective eye on your property, offering you advice on changes that might be helpful to make, to a full service of packing away excess items, touching up, and presenting you home to better effect a sale.

clearing the home of a loved one

down sizing

dealing with children

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