cocktail list

This list is short but sweet. It is compiled of our favourite mixed drinks, and reminds us of our carefree travel days!

Kir Royale £4.50
Sparkling wine with a touch of cassis. A great pre dinner lift!

The Dry Martini £4.50
Equal quantities of gin and dry martini mixed and poured over ice with a twist of lime zest.

Margarita £4.50
Tequila, triple sec, lemon, lime and a touch of salt over ice.

Panty Splitter £4.00
 (As drunk with friends after an amazing day diving in Belize!)
Coconut rum and pineapple juice, shaken, over ice.

Pimms Glass £4.00 / Jug(4 glasses) £14.00
 The classic summer drink, with all the trimmings!
Pimms, lemonade and fresh lime, garnished with orange, mint, cucumber and strawberries. 


sample wine list

Prossecco                                Italian sparkling with a rich dry finish.                                                 £15.50

House Champagne              Rich, zesty with a hint of vanilla. The real deal!                                  £24.50


House white                           Crisp, fresh & fruity                          175ml £3:50      250ml £4:50       £13.00         
Chardonnay                           Lemony fruity yet rounded with subtle vanilla tones USA            £15.00
Sauvignon Blanc                  Aromatic gooseberry fruit. Marlboough N Zealand                          £18.00
Pinot Grigio                           Fresh & light classic from Italy.                                                                £14.50

Gavi                                          Subtle Italian, yet plenty of fruit.                                                             £16.00

House Red                              A good soft & juicy red.                       175ml £3:50      250ml £4:50      £13.00  
Rioja reserva                         Black cherry, vanilla & a hint of oak. Spain.                                          £17.00         
Pinot Noir                              Light, soft & velvety Yum! Chile        .                                                        £16.00
Zinfandel                               Deliciously bold with great structure.California.                                 £15.00
Cotes du Rhone                    Fantastic producer with pedigree. France                                              £16.50
Malbec                                    Full of opulent red fruits. Argentina.                                                        £17.50
Ch La Lagune 89‘                 One of the top bordeaux’s & vintage! It’s a real classic                       £125.00   Organic Merlot                    Cherry & blackberry fruit & a soft velvety finish. USA                      £20.00
Cabernet Sauvignon          Rich intense blackcurrant flavours. Australia.                                     £18.00